September 6, 2015


I’m Jipson Thomas, A Scrum Certified Developer and a Scrum Master. I have over 5 years experience of Agile and 3 years in scrum, I started my career in Information technology from 2003  which was in a waterfall and by 2010 we moved to the world of Agile.Since 2012 I am doing scrum and enjoying it well.
I started my career in the hey-day of the waterfall as an application programmer with a company called Digital Software, Cochin in India. Digital softwares were working on software development using Microsoft tools like Visual Basic, .Net and Ms SQL. By 2005 I started my career in open source technologies like PHP, My SQL and its various systems. I worked in the roles od Programmer, Team Lead and Project Lead with the companies like Silver bloom Technologies (2005-2007),New Age Sys Solutions(2007-2008)Armia Systems Inc (2008-2011), Media Systems Pvt. Ltd (2011-2013),Strategic Internet Consulting Ltd, West Sussex, Horsham (2013-2014) and Since 2014 December I am working with Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) Group.

My career in Agile really took-off in 2008 when I started to work in products. For the product development we started using sprints and developing small increments, which helped us to make sure the release of new product versions every month.

In Media Systems I was working as a project lead to the project which had a real agile development team. There we had sprint planning,daily scrum and sprint review etc.

After I joined with Strategic Ic in UK I started to learn about the scrum methods and we transformed Strategic Ic to a scrum team. In 2014 got the professional training as a scrum master from David Hicks of agil8 London and I got the Certification from Scrum Alliance as a certified scrum master.

After joining with RSA I got the real experience of scaled scrum teams. RSA we have five different scrum teams working on the different areas of the project. In 2015 I got the training for Scrum Developer and I got the certification from scrum alliance as Certified Scrum Developer.

I joined with different user groups of Agile and Scrum which helps me to polish my experience regularly. The workshops and discussions in the user groups are really helping to get more thought and knowledge. The discussions with fellow scrum masters are helping to understand more real life issues of people from different environments and to think for the solutions as a group.

Certifications  I Hold :

– Certified Scrum Master

– Certified Scrum Developer

– Zend Certified Engineer in PHP

Outside work I live in the beautiful countryside of SE England. I’m married, have one son age 3.

14 and 12, and for R&R indulge my passion for watching movies and well as enjoying weekend trips.

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